GreenTag Rating: Why Eco Design Matters

GreenTag Rating: Why Eco Design Matters. A Quick Guide for Architects, Specifiers & Builders

​Today’s customers are increasingly conscious of their eco footprint. Indeed, your clients appreciate that sustainable buildings have lower operating, maintenance and environmental costs, generate better long-term economic value, and offer superior levels of human satisfaction and productivity.

Australia’s building industry has adapted rapidly to consumer demand, adopting rigorous standards set by the country’s peak eco-building bodies.

As the foremost consultation and certification body for sustainable construction, The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) provides critical benchmarks for ecologically responsible building in Australia. The GBCA’s renowned Green Star rating system offers the most reliable measure of operational performance for Australian buildings.

Green Star certified building consumption ›

Compared to the average Australian construction (GBCA 2013, p.3)

  • 66% less electricity
  • 52% less potable water (the equivalent of 1,320 Olympic swimming pools)
  • 45% fewer greenhouse gas emissions

GreenTag™ certification positions a building product at the top end of the green market, ensuring consistent and high-quality design and manufacturing standards combined with sound ecological credentials, which makes Stormtech the perfect eco choice for your next project.

Stormtech is proud to hold the reputation as the only drainage manufacturer with Level A GreenTag™ certification – the most respected third-party certification body in Australia for eco-friendly products and is the only product rating certification approved by the Green Building Council of Australia.



Choose from our collection of White Papers produced for Stormtech products and services.


Drainage Selection Guide: 15 Common Applications Areas

The bathroom, and specifically the shower, is often thought of as the most important space to ensure good drainage. However, there are many other spaces that require consideration in relation to adequate drainage. This whitepaper addresses 15 different potential drainage application areas into clear sections, and highlights the importance of ensuring proper drainage in each area. In each section, potential safety hazards, installation shortfalls, and area-specific challenges are identified. The paper goes on to explain how in most cases, Stormtech’s linear drainage systems offer the best solution to these problems.

Compliance of Regulations and Why It Matters

The issue of non-conforming and non-compliant products affects every stakeholder in the building industry. By ignoring regulations, building professionals endanger, not only their own reputation, but also the status of the entire industry. The plumbing industry has a number of regulations that are important to adhere to. Aspects like minimum size requirements, load restrictions and accessibility are vital for the success of plumbing and drainage systems. In this white paper, we examine why it is important that everyone plays by the rules.

The Pitfalls of Investing in Low Grade Drainage

The importance of choosing compliant and conforming products in construction is regularly discussed in the media and within the industry. The most dramatic examples of the failure of substandard products – such as the Melbourne Docklands fire and the Infinity cable recall – are widely broadcast, yet the range of implications involved in choosing cheaper products remain largely underreported. For building professionals, it is important that the hallmarks of sub-standard drainage systems are easily identified so informed decisions can be made. Products demonstrating reduced flexibility can signal low quality, as they are only relevant for general applications. A cheap solution also suggests a lack of testing, or a short research and development period, which could lead to problems later down the line.    

Specifying Balcony Drainage Systems

Balcony design, and in particular drainage systems are a critical design consideration for multi-residential developments. Balconies are an external element of the building that must be properly integrated to work with the internal elements of the building. Balconies require appropriate drainage and isolation from the internal elements of the building.  

pacific bondi case study

The Pacific Bondi Case study

In December 2015 Bondi’s newest development, Pacific Bondi, was completed, taking the areas luxury living to a whole new level. To meet the requirements of the hostile beachfront environment, as well as the expected high-traffic hotel and public areas, Stormtech supplied 316 marine grade stainless steel linear drainage for the bathrooms, balconies and panoramic atrium areas.  

Guide to specify surface water management systems for pools and spa applications

Specification Guide To Pool Area Drainage

A review of specification of drainage products for architects, landscape architects and garden designers to sustainably design for high capacity water flow.

Stormtech Whitepaper

The Experts Guide to Waterproofing

The Stormtech guide to ensuring your linear drainage waterproofing is installed correctly.

Stormtech Whitepaper

Meet the Threshold

A Seamless Solution for Your Drainage Project

Stormtech Whitepaper

Grate Expectations

The Essential Guide for the Modern Drainage Project

Stormtech Whitepaper

Grate Cares

An Expert Drainage Solution Tailored for Today’s Aged Care Industry

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