Introducing Zypho

Drain water heat recovery.

Zypho efficiently transfers heat from shower waste water directly into the incoming cold mains supply.

Innovative Energy Transfer

Zypho transfers heat from the shower’s waste water into the incoming cold mains supply. This heated incoming mains water is then directed to either the shower mixer, the water heater or both.

This pre-heated mixed water means less energy is required to heat the water to the desired temperature – reducing consumption and costs of a significant daily contribution of energy use.

Zypho is ideally suited to contemporary linear drainage installations and 
is compatible with the complete range 
of Stormtech drainage products. Zypho can be installed with all shower and bath equipment, including traditional bath tubs. The compact, highly efficient shape is designed to make installation simple and easy.

Stormtech can assist with integration requirements, site specific needs and installation suitability.


Energy Reduction

The Zypho system’s unique, patented design captures heat from waste shower water and raises the temperature of the cold water supply saving 30% energy.

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