About Us

Stormtech is an Australian family business originally started by John Creighton in 1989.

John was asked by an architect to help design a hobless shower for a wheelchair-bound client wanting to shower without a carer. A shower without a hob required a very special drainage grate, which John Creighton invented.

With its elegant finish and surface water removal efficiency, this drainage design was adopted as standard, patented, and is now the Stormtech 65ARG Slimline linear drain.

John's son, Troy Creighton has been involved in the company since it began and has been the Managing Director since 2002. 

Award Winning Drain Design

In 2004 Stormtech won a Design Mark at the Australian Design Awards for our drainage design.

Since 2006, Stormtech has been a member of the Standards Australia Committee and has been involved in the writing of the code covering linear drainage in bathrooms, and other plumbing products.

Stormtech Slimline Grates and Drains are patented and unique in their efficiency and versatility. Ideal for both new buildings and renovations, we provide beautiful, stainless steel finished grates for both architectural drainage and special needs access.

Stormtech drains connect with all standard plumbing fittings, and have Standards Australia International Certification.

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