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  Grate Insights - Issue 5

As we reach the end of another year, we’re looking back (as is customary), and safe to say it’s been another tough one for a lot of businesses in the construction industry.

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  Grate Insights - Issue 4

It’s been another trying year for people in Australia and around the world as the continually shifting circumstances of the pandemic make it difficult to cement any circumstances. At Stormtech, we’re feeling both lucky and proud to be faring well amidst that wider uncertainty. Lucky that by virtue of circumstance we have not been hit harder, and proud that the decisions we’ve made up until this point have put us in this strong position, and prove that our business model continues to drive results.

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   Innovation, Aesthetics & Performance - Issue 3

Grate Insights Issue 3

There’s no denying it - 2020 was a rollercoaster year all round. For us here at Stormtech, we’ve dealt with fires, floods and the pandemic. But despite it all, it’s been a good year. Going back a bit, the unique climatic and economic conditions of the past few years have put a strain on certain sectors of the Australian construction industry, and this seems to have accumulated in a construction decline that has centred on multiresidential developments.

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  Innovation, Aesthetics & Performance - Issue 2

Grate Insights Issue 2

2019 has been the year that quality has come under the spotlight. For several years, we’ve noticed a growing disconnect in the relationship between builder, developer and architect. A worrying result of this disconnect is that products are increasingly being substituted – dramatically – for a lesser or non-equivalent alternative, often unbeknown to the developer.

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  Innovation, Aesthetics & Performance - Issue 1

Grate Insigts Magazine Issue 1

Has there ever been a more exciting time for Australian design and construction? As the quantity – and quality – of construction projects across the country continues to rise, so do levels of competition and innovation. Over the past year we’ve been astounded by the creativity and quality that we’ve seen in our clients’ projects, and can’t wait to see how these develop in future. Moving forward, we’re also keen to strengthen our industry ties and help advance the drainage sector as a whole.

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