Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is taking shared responsibility for reducing the environmental, health and safety footprint of manufactured goods and materials across the life cycle of a product.

Taking action on our environmental responsibility we are a signatory to the Australia PVC industry’s voluntary Product Stewardship Program developed by the Vinyl Council of Australia in conjunction with the Department of the Environment and Heritage.

As a signatory, Stormtech embraces the voluntary commitments made under this initiative so as to address pertinent environmental issues associated with the manufacture, use and disposal of PVC products in Australia.

To assist our customers in the disposal of unused PVC channel and fittings as well as stainless steel channel, fittings and grates we commit to receive these products or part of products, for recycling purposes.


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PVC Stewardship

For 2021, StormTech was awarded 104% compliance (after ‘beyond compliance’ points were awarded). Excellence in Stewardship is awarded to those companies who achieved full or beyond compliance for all relevant commitments.

Stormtech was awarded beyond compliance for the actions taken in relation to Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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Recycling Program ›

The method of returning products is to return them to the point of purchase. Then a Stormtech representative can retrieve the returned items during their normal call cycle. The representative stores any returned items until there is sufficient quantity (typically 1 pallet/skid) to justify freight back to the Nowra facility.

The stainless steel components are typically recycled or re-used by the end user as they are obviously recyclable, re-usable, and re-purposable (Interestingly quite a number have been turned into BBQ grilles).

PVC components are returnable as above, however if the dismantler is unaware of our takeback scheme, the recycle number is printed on the underside of the PVC channel.

Any component or end of life item can be returned through our distribution network as described above, even if it is not the point of purchase. Simply contact us to arrange.

We do renew grates to prime condition and have a charge of $16+GST, excluding freight, for this service. This service was implemented in 2011.

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