COVID-19 Manufacturing Update

Regional NSW will lockdown until midnight 10/09/2021. We hope that you and your family are safe during this unprecedented time (again).

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout NSW, Stormtech are adhering to national advice and guidelines.

Stormtech is identified as an essential business as we supply sanitary drainage, plumbing and trade supplies, therefore we will remain open as normal with the strictest precautions for an essential business in place.

At this stage there are no indications of an active case in the Shoalhaven LGA. If an active case occurs in the Shoalhaven LGA we shall protect people from risk by enacting our contingency plans immediately.

Communication with our team

  • By phone or email is our preferred mode of contact. You will find some staff are working remotely, but we have robust systems in place and are able to support you with your sales or general enquiries as normal.
  • Any site visits must be pre-arranged.

Proactively providing supply certainty

  • We are stocked up on materials, indeed we have more than enough materials to fulfill orders throughout this period of uncertainty.
  • We also continue to monitor the situation and manage our workforce based on the official advice of the health department.
  • We have set up rotating teams that do not meet each other to ensure staff are as protected as possible from a total company shut down.

We are well placed and feel more than comfortable with the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe and also to ensure your business can rely on us to fulfill your orders.

Troy Creighton

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