The Adjustable Leak Control Flange (ALCF) allows waterproofing membranes to adhere directly to the flange, and give both lateral and vertical height adjustment for the drain cover.

  • Fits pipe sizes 50mm, 80mm and 100mm DWV. ONE PRODUCT FOR 3 PIPE SIZES
  • It is very tough and durable (it has 4mm thick walls), 
  • Concrete keys for setting into laid substrate
  • Weep holes for top membrane, and wedges out of thread in top ring. Thread is also very coarse & will allow additional water into the flange body.
  • It is adjustable in 2 directions:
    • Horizontal: the ring that is moveable allows up to 32mm of offset in any direction
    • Vertical: the thread allows a height adjustment of up to 50mm
  • Designed for a double membrane : controls water on 2 levels of membrane (plus wedge drains in the thread also allow leak control). The leak control of the top layer of waterproofing membrane allows to directly adhere porous tiles and soft stones such as travertine or soft marbles

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