How do infinity pools work

How do infinity pools work

There is no doubt that infinity pools, those beautiful pools that seem to just drop off into the horizon are becoming increasingly popular, especially in high-end resorts and luxury homes.

Have you ever wondered how they actually work?

Unlike regular pools which have all the walls extend beyond the water, an infinity pool has one or more walls that meet the water level exactly, with the water level wall sloping downwards away from the edge creating a waterfall.

If you think about an actual waterfall, the water calmly falling off the edge gives the exact same effect.

So where does the water go?

The water simply falls into a drain or a catchment basin or balance tank that sits below the edge of the waterline and is in turn pumped back into the pool.

For an infinity pool to work perfectly the drain is one of the most important elements, simply put, if the drain can be seen the optical illusion doesn’t work.

Furthermore, if the drain is to deep it collects to much water allowing the water to sit in the drain longer instead of being pumped back into the pool making the water level in the pool visibly low – meaning the water edge visible and also destroys the optical illusion.

Infinity pools are complex installations that require quality drainage products to ensure the illusion remains consistent. The core reason why Stormtech drains are specified and seen in so many infinity pool installations is because of the large variety of options when it comes to design, size and flow rates.

We review the specification of drainage products in some detail for architects, landscape architects and garden designers to sustainably design for high capacity flow whilst minimising risk in the flowing Specification Guide  

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