Why cleaning and maintenance doesn’t have to be a drain with Stormtech

When it comes to cleaning, it’s fair to say that drains have gotten a bad rap. They’ve developed a reputation as tough to maintain, onerous to clear, and difficult to replace. And truth be told, this reputation is not entirely unfounded. Traditionally, drains used to be difficult to clean, and providers often operated very much in a ‘buyer beware’ mindset. But those times have passed – it’s time to channel some newfound positivity, and get the humble drain’s reputation out of the gutter when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Stormtech is leading the charge when it comes to repairing this reputation. For 35 years, the creator, leading manufacturer and distributor of linear drainage grates has been delivering top-quality products to residential and commercial projects across Australia and the world. These products are manufactured to exceed all applicable Australian Standards, and are designed with the highest sustainability principles in mind – making them a specifier’s delight when it comes to picking a drainage solution. But how are they helping homeowners and commercial cleaners alike when it comes to looking after their drains?

For starters, every Stormtech drain comes with detailed maintenance advice, including information about recommended finishes based on particular locations in order to preserve the original appearance of the drain for as long as possible. Electropolishing is recommended for installations in pool environments or installations close to a surf beach to help reduce the risk of tea staining, and leave the drain with a shiny, smooth, ultra-clean surface finish that improves the inherent corrosion resistance of the stainless steel. Stormtech also provides a range of finishes including electroplated, powder coated, and anodized aluminium (as well as care instructions for each) to ensure the drains match the aesthetics of any design.

When it comes to the process of cleaning, Stormtech has made that easy, as well. Their linear grates can be conveniently lifted in sections, providing easy access to the channel underneath. This makes it incredibly easy to clean the channel of any debris at the same time as washing the floors. The grates themselves are a dream to clean – requiring no harsh cleaners, chemicals, or abrasive brushes to keep them in great condition. In fact, Stormtech simply recommends regular cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

One of the most prevalent issues for stainless steel products is tea staining, which occurs because of superficial corrosion – often due to acids in cleaning products. Stormtech actively advises against the use of acidic cleaners, but notes that if tea staining does occur, it can be dealt with simply. In most cases, domestic stainless steel cleaners are sufficient to remove the marks – but in more stubborn cases, a stainless steel scourer can be used to remove any contaminant embedded on the steel.

Perhaps one of the most telling ways in which Stormtech backs the quality of their products is by the generous warranties they’re able to offer. It comes as no surprise that all Stormtech products are manufactured to the highest standards, with varying extended warranty periods depending on the chosen finish. The warranty ranges from 7 years for electroplated, PVD coated, and anodised aluminium – and a whopping 10 years for powder coated, stainless steel/electropolished, and uPVC finishes. Finally – and best of all – Stormtech guarantees the workmanship of their grates and channels for 10 years, too.

There’s no doubt that Stormtech is leading the charge when it comes to high-quality, easy to install and easy to maintain drainage solutions in Australia. Their clear, concise, and simple cleaning instructions, combined with the peace of mind that only comes with a comprehensive warranty, mean that Stormtech’s solutions can do the job that any designer or specifier needs – without pouring money down the drain.

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